workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment and the General Organization of Agricultural Scientific Researche

Within the cooperation framework between the General Organization of Remote Sensing (GORS) ,Ministry of Local Administration and Environment and the General Organization of Agricultural Scientific Researches ; a symposium on “the study of land degradation in the coastal area by using remote sensing techniques and geographical information systems ” (GIS) was held at Al-Assad house for culture on 20/ 11/ 2017/ in the presence some of the concerned officials : the geologist Issa Farid Ali; the director of remote sensing branch in the coastal area, Dr.Mohammad Salhab; Head of the agricultural scientific researches center in Lattakia , the Eng.Noaaf Shhaddeh; the Assistant Director of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in Lattakia, Dr. Issa Kabebou ; Head of Soils and Waters Department in the Agriculture Faculty at Tishreen University , and Dr. Lama Ahmad ; the Director of Environment Directorate in Lattakia ,besideds, the presence a number of technicians and specialists in concerned bodies with Inventory Coastal Area of land Degradation(ICALD) using remote Sensing techniques.
Then, Dr. Mohammed Al-Abed; the project head and the head of agricultural studies and researches at (GORS), made a presentation about the project; its objectives, results and applications that were used in this project.
As well as, Dr Qais Sultan; Head of Geographical Information Department in the management of Natural Resources Researches in the general organization of Agricultural scientific Researches and the Head of the productive capacity program in the project, made a presentation entitled:” the soil survey of some areas in the Syrian coast and determining its productive capacity.
Dr. Thamar Selman; the Head of the Statistic Directorate and Environmental Indicators in the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment ,Head of the populated participation program in the project , concluded by a presentation entitled :” the Role of the Populated Participation Program in Decision Making and problems – solving

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