Using image processing and analysis techniques to investigate mineral and ore deposit (clay mineral).

[tab title="Project Title"]Spectral reflectance measurements of main rock units in northern east Homs
Whereas the ore and minerals have economic importance, the aim of this project is depending on image processing and enhancement techniques to investigate the ore and mineral deposits in Syria without using any previous field data. Then comparing it with another area which has the same kinds of minerals and ore deposits (clay).
Summary: This project focus on how we can use image processing and enhancement techniques on -Aster data-, which has several bands, help in this kind of investigation, comparing it with other types of satellite images as ETM.
  • Research about previous studies for clay minerals.
  • Processing and analysis the images in some selected areas to investigate the clay deposits.
  • Comparing results with other areas, which already are having this kind of minerals.
The measurements was done by using spectral spectrometer and the data was processed by using special programs to explain it at the end as an excel format to gain and illustrate the final results after analysis.
Dr. Madlien Albaridi- Lara jurjus- Basem khadam-Rodena Jnede- Osama Alie

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