Local, Arabic, and International Cooperation:

GORS is establishing a concrete Cooperation base on the Local, Arabic and International level through different aspects related to scientific research, such cooperation includes joint projects and capacity building with peers in the field of Remote Sensing & Applications such as:
  • Russian Academy of Sciences/Institute of Geography\2002
  • The Malaysian Center for Remote Sensing (MACRES)\2003
  • Pakistan Space & upper atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO)\2003
  • Inter Islamic Network on Space ciences & Technology (ISNET)\1997
  • Russian Academy of Sciences/Geological Institute\2004
  • Iranian Space Agency ISA)\2004
  • Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS)\2007
  • Russian Academy of Sciences/Institute of Earth’s Crust iberian Branch\2009
  • Armenian Academy of Science/ Institute of Geological Science\2010
  • National Academy of Sciences of he Republic of Belarus\2010
  • Algerian Space Agency\2007
  • National Authority for Remote Sensing & Space Sciences/Egypt \1997
  • Yemen Remote Sensing and GIS Center\2006
  • Arab Agricultural Development Organization\2005
  • Sudan Remote Sensing Authority\2003
  • Libyan Center for Remote Sensing & Space Sciences\1993
  • The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands\2008
  • Royal Jordanian Geographic Center\2009
  • National Council for Scientific Research/Lebanon\2011