Gors Overview

Gors was established since 1986 in accordance with the legislative decree no.8 GORS has replaced the National Remote Sensing Center which was established through a steering committee in 1980. GORS became responsible for carrying out aerospace and land surveying using remote sensing techniques.
Also, for analyzing remote sensing data in order to utilize them in exploring and exploiting natural resources, and in performing environmental studies in Syria.

  1. To offer training for specialists of different scientific disciplines related to remote sensing techniques.
  2. To establish necessary centers and institutions for training, researches, and applications of remote sensing.
  3. To perform scientific studies, researches and experiments which are related to remote sensing, and to offer the necessary assistances, financial and material rewards.
  4. To provide the available remote sensing data or space images, and to coordinate between the governmental bodies in this field.
  5. To suggest or propose the necessary legislations and to follow their execution.
  6. To follow the international activities related to remote sensing matters. This makes Syria able to follow the scientific development and gives GORS the chance to represent Syria in the international meetings, conferences and symposiums that are related to remote sensing.
  7. To propose the projects and the researches that utilizes remote sensing techniques.
  8. To propose or suggest the Arabian, regional and international agreements, contracts and treaties that are related to remote sensing.
  9. According to the law no.14 dated 8 May 2011, General Organization of Remote Sensing is considered as one of the non-university governmental bodies that perform scientific research.
  10. Accordingly, GORS is working now on amendment the numeral personnel decree no. 261 dated 7 May 2001 to match the job titles stated in the above mentioned law.